The company


Our company's roots date back to 1850 with out first wholesale fruit and vegetable shop. In the 50's we were one of the first companies to tend to national distribution of products.

1920 was an important year for our business. In fact, it was in that year that we built a warehouse that was considered cutting edge for the storage of every type of fruit and vegetable. Its construction also showed our company's forward thinking, considering we are located halfway between the towns of Bergamo and Brescia. However, this is just one of many changes that the company underwent over the years, demonstrating our ability to adapt to social and technological changes: an indispensable characteristic, especially in the modern world that is constantly changing.

Bruno Fapanni's enthusiasm and desire to emerge blend well with the strong experience the father, Roberto. The ability to recognise products of the highest quality is an art that has been handed down each generation in the Fapanni family. This synergy of experience allowed the company to evolve yet again, becoming an SRL (limited liability company).

And finally, our company's most recent venture has been its entrance into the food service and catering industry. But this in no way equates to neglecting our historic customers, who are shops, supermarkets and street vendors.
We are also available at all times to collaborate in new working relationships, ensuring, as always, reliability, professionalism and competence, essential elements for a fruitful working relationship.

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